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Beyond Empathy

A more inclusive society

  • Our local grant programs

    Empowering young people

    In Spain, Japan, and the Isle of Man, we are collaborating with Junior Achievement to give young people the tools and resources they need to start their careers. In Italy with ActionAid and in Sweden with Mentor Sverige Insamlingsstiftelse, our programs are supporting vulnerable young people through mentoring, workshops, and training to help them into the world of work. We have also launched our first regional grant in Latin America with Foundation Forge, focusing on education and career opportunities for the next generation. In Argentina, our grant enables Fundación Pléroma to help young people from vulnerable social contexts prepare for the labor market. In Ireland, together with University College Dublin, we are aiming to close the socio-economic gap on education outcomes for young people in the Irish system. In Hong Kong, with Breakthrough Ltd, our grant program supports a sustainable future for younger generations. In Bermuda, through the Family Centre’s Beyond Rugby program, we are helping to create better outcomes for young people.

  • Our local grant programs

    Enabling women to reach their full potential

    In Poland, with CPK, we are taking a stand for women in need and addressing violence against women. In Slovakia and Mexico, in collaboration with Aj Ty v IT and Universidad Tecmilenio D.R. Ensenanza e Investigacion Superior A.C, our programs are encouraging girls and women to consider STEM training and careers.

  • Our local grant programs

    Providing equal opportunities to minorities

    In Brazil, our program is promoting the personal and professional development of minorities in collaboration with Instituto Techmail. In Australia, we are working with Beyond Empathy to support young Aboriginal people through art projects, empowering them to tell stories that many of us will have never heard. In the US, we have started a collaboration with Year-Up to create opportunities for people of color.

  • Our local grant programs

    Helping vulnerable children live the childhood they deserve

    In New Zealand – together with Variety, the Children’s Charity – we are focusing on child poverty by providing basic needs to help children get the right start in life. In Switzerland, with the Ombuds Office for Children’s Rights Switzerland, we are helping children get their voices heard and to know and understand their rights. In Singapore, in collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Foundation Singapore, our grant supports children dealing with cancer in getting back into the education system.

Enabling social equity

Our foundation wants to help create a society of equal opportunity, a world in which those on the fringes can step into the light. We are building platforms for those without a voice.

At the Z Zurich Foundation, we’re coming together to help the vulnerable become empowered. 

Our local grant programs

Through our local grants programs, we support Zurich business units across the world in tackling local societal issues to enable social equity. 

Our local programs initiative provides practical support and funding to help Zurich business units initiate long-term, strategic relationships with local community organizations. 

All programs must align with our strategy, engage employees through the donation of time and talent, and respect local cultures and priorities.

As part of our approach, we like to identify and facilitate further charitable opportunities to add value. This could include in-kind donations of Zurich’s products, use of Zurich’s premises, facilitating introductions for supported organizations to Zurich’s wider business networks, undertaking capacity audits and seconding Zurich employees to help address identified gaps, or even encouraging Zurich senior employees to accept positions on management committee/board of trustees of organizations we work with. 

All our local grant programs are developed in collaboration with the local Zurich offices and/or in collaboration with Zurich Santander Insurance America SL. local offices


  • Argentina - Helping young people prepare for the labor market

    A three-year grant to promote and enhance employment opportunities for those most in need, in collaboration with Zurich Santander Seguros Argentina S.A and the Fundación Pléroma.

    The Fundación Pléroma’s Empujar program is made up of a group of local companies that have come together with the mission of promoting and enhancing employment opportunities for young people from vulnerable social contexts. Their collective aim is to strengthen cooperation between community groups that promote local development through the training and development of young people. The intended beneficiaries are students living in the vicinity of the headquarters of the supporting companies. Through the Empujar program, beneficiaries are matched with volunteering professionals.  

  • Bermuda - Creating better outcomes for young people

    A three-year grant to create better outcomes for Bermuda’s young people, in collaboration with the Family Centre.

    Family Centre’s Beyond Rugby program supports and inspires young people to reach their full potential on and off the rugby field. It combines the coaching expertise of the Bermuda Rugby Foot Union (BRFU) with the therapeutic and counseling skills of the Family Centre staff to attract some of the highest-risk youth to the program.

  • Hong Kong - Supporting a sustainable future for the next generation

    A three-year grant to empower younger generations, in collaboration with Breakthrough Ltd.

    With this local grant we are supporting two youth empowerment programs, ‘MineCity’ and ‘Trial & Error Lab’. The former targets primary and secondary school-aged youngsters by engaging them in community activities and opening their eyes to the needs of the underprivileged people in our society. The latter targets high school students and young people who are following an unconventional career path, such as in the arts, and giving them the kind of guidance that will help them live out their dreams in the future.

  • Isle of Man - Investing in the future prospects of young people

    A five-year grant to support a career education program in collaboration with Junior Achievement.

    ‘Learn to Earn’ is a career education program provided in all schools across the island for students aged 13 to 14. The program is helping young people understand their career options, as well as practice various employability skills, including presentations, CV writing and interviewing. Our funding also contributes towards ‘Our World’, a financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills program offered in schools for children aged between 9 and 11. It includes a trading game that’s helping to introduce young people to the important concepts behind modern, international business.

  • Latin America - Focusing on education and career opportunities for youth

    A three-year grant to help young Latin Americans prepare for the labor market. It is our first regional local grant in Latin America, in collaboration with several Zurich local offices, Zurich Santander Insurance America S.L and the Foundation Forge.


    “Skills for the Future” is a program aiming to reduce the gap between the skills of young people from vulnerable communities and the labor market they will face. Through this program, we are hoping to support the personal and professional development of more than 84,000 young people across Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay.

  • New Zealand - Focusing on child poverty

    A two-year grant to help Kiwi kids live the childhood they deserve, in partnership with Variety, the Children’s Charity.

    This local grant program aims to keep raising public awareness about deprived children in New Zealand, coupled with a strong call to action. The grant will help us support the rollout of the Variety Beds for Kids program nationally. It will also enable us to scale up Variety Kiwi Kid Sponsorship, a program that’s improving children’s educational prospects, health and wellbeing.

  • Singapore - Supporting children dealing with cancer in getting back into the education system

    A two-year grant to help children dealing with cancer reach their full potential, in collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Foundation Singapore.

    The Children’s Cancer Foundation’s academic learning and support program focuses on helping young cancer survivors make that important next step in their lives. This is a program helping children back into school to get the education that’s going to stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.  

  • Spain - Focusing on youth empowerment

    A four-year grant to support young people starting their careers through a three-pillar initiative, in collaboration with Junior Achievement, Dual Vocational Training in Insurance, and the Get ready for Life program.

    Under the “I am my Future” umbrella, our three local grants focus on youth empowerment by providing young people with the workshops, training and apprenticeships they need to fulfil their potential in life. Participants will have the chance to go even deeper by addressing the mental health issues that can come with unemployment. “I am my Future” equips young people to be better prepared for the future and provides resources to deal with key risks such as stress and anxiety.

  • Australia - Supporting the empowerment of young Aboriginal people

    A two-year grant to support and empower young Aboriginal people in collaboration with Beyond Empathy.

    Following the success of “Excursions,” we are keen to continue supporting Australian arts organisation Beyond Empathy. “Parting” is a project that will center on grief and loss, themes that are very important in aboriginal culture. As with Beyond Empathy’s other endeavors, this is about giving young people the chance to tell the stories that many of us will have never heard.

  • Brazil - Empowering minorities

    A three-year grant to promote the personal and professional development of minorities, in collaboration with Instituto Techmail.

    Instituto Techmail’s apprenticeship program is helping young people with their social and personal development, equipping them with the kind of specific knowledge, skills and attitudes that can transform their lives and help them to fulfil their potential, in turn making them an agent for social transformation in their own communities. Our local grant program will fund four classes per year, with each class receiving 30 students from the identified minority groups.

  • Ireland - Fostering education resilience

    A four-year grant to close the socio-economic gap on education outcomes for young people in the Irish educational system, in collaboration with University College Dublin.

    The “Power to Progress” program seeks to foster educational resilience in the Irish educational system with a three-year intervention plan for senior cycle DEIS school students, and by informing on educational policy for future students via an integrated four-year PhD. The program aims to transform the lives of 600 pupils, and positively impact many more people, including the teacher participants, and those benefiting from the eventual policy reform this program seeks to bring about. It will build on the learning and support generated by the national campaign ‘Tackle Your Feelings.’

  • Italy - Focusing on team work to overcome youth unemployment

    A three-year grant to empower young Italians to get the right start in life, in collaboration with ActionAid.

    ‘Lavoro di Squadra’ (‘teamwork’ in Italian) is a program which targets motivated young people who are currently not in education, employment or training, and who are struggling to move forward. This is about helping people back into the worlds of work and/or learning through the practice of sports, motivational and self-empowerment activities and training courses.

  • Mexico - Supporting gender diversity in STEM

    A three-year grant to support initiatives to increase the number of girls enrolled in STEM subjects, in collaboration with Universidad Tecmilenio D.R. Ensenanza e Investigacion Superior A.C.

    The program aims to inspire 1,000 girls to study STEM subjects, help them shatter glass ceilings and close the gender gap in the world of work. Our funding is allocated to supporting teams to enter the FIRST competition. To get support via this local grant program, each team needs to be comprised of at least 50 percent girls. The FIRST competition motivates young people to pursue education and career opportunities in STEM, while building self-confidence, knowledge, and life skills.

  • Poland - Addressing violence against women

    A five-year grant in collaboration with Fundacja Centrum Praw Kobiet (Center for Women's Rights – CPK).


    With this grant, we are taking a stand for women in need and will be establishing a new local Women’s Rights Center in Krakow. This center aims to empower women (and their children) who are victims of domestic violence by providing counselling, mental health services, as well as legal, life and career advice. Going forward, we will together establish the basis of a sustainable funding model for the center.

  • Slovakia - Encouraging STEM studies and career

    A five-year grant to empower young girls and teenagers to choose STEM as a career, in collaboration with Aj Ty v IT

    This grant will help Aj Ty v IT expand its program to regional cities in Slovakia to reach more girls at an early age, and to encourage teachers and other stakeholders to become involved. Our grant is intended to provide a support structure for female IT students at universities. We’re looking to develop more strategic tools to create a step change, including an educational roadmap, an awareness campaign and a network to support female students. 

  • Sweden - Mentoring vulnerable young people

    A five-year grant to support vulnerable young people, in collaboration with Mentor Sverige Insamlingsstiftelse.

    In addition to mentoring, Zurich also regularly invites young people from schools to spend time in Zurich offices where they can participate in job-readiness workshops. They’re taught about risk in a fun way (see picture below of an egg throwing game), while mentors continue to be invited to host parenting seminars that tackle key youth-related topics, including exam pressure and alcohol/substance abuse.

  • Switzerland - Supporting children's rights

    A three-year grant to support children’s rights, in collaboration with the Ombuds Office for Children’s Rights Switzerland.

    Our grant will enable the Ombuds Office for Children’s Rights Switzerland to offer a national service, covering all cantons, that helps children and those up to the age of 18 to better understand and exercise their rights in legal proceedings. The service will help people with accessing age-adapted legal information and offers mediation between them and courts, authorities, public or private institutions or organizations involved in the care of children and young people. With this funding, we hope to directly improve the lives of 3,000 children.