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ResilNam- photo taken by Rene Arnold

The activist in all of us

  • Adapting to climate change

    Leading the way

    For humanity to prosper in the face of climate change, we need to think of ourselves as having a shared future, one we can draw on our collective knowledge and resources to plan for. 

    Learn more about our 'Adapting to Climate Change Program'





  • Improving mental wellbeing

    Co-creating a movement

    If we can help break down the social stigma around mental health, then more people who are suffering will feel able to speak out about it.  

    Learn more about our work in the wellbeing space

  • Enabling social equity

    Building a more inclusive society

    Our foundation wants to help create a society of equal opportunity, a world in which those on the fringes can step into the light.

    Read more about our local grant programs


  • Engage with us

    Awakening your inner activist

    By championing the champions and together looking at the bigger picture – in all its complexity – we have a better chance of addressing our society’s most pressing issues. 

    Learn more about the initiatives we have in place


Welcome to Z Zurich Foundation's website


  • #ActForImpact

    We support UNICEF’s global COVID-19 vaccine rollout campaign.

    Responding to one of the biggest needs linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is equitable access to vaccines is, we believe, the right thing to do.

    No one is safe until everyone is safe. 

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    © UNICEF/UN0440311/Pouget

Ending the pandemic is a race against the clock. Join us in the race to end COVID-19. We have set up fundraising campaigns to help you donate easily, conveniently, and tax effectively where possible.  We will match all donations made to our local UNICEF fundraising campaigns. Find out more by clicking here >>

In 2020, we increased our investments, enabling us to positively impact the lives of 3,200,000 people worldwide. This brings us on track to meet our 2024 aspiration of making a difference to 11 million people.

Gregory Renand, Head of the Z Zurich Foundation

Access our full report here >> 

The activist in all of us

As you read this, there’s a rice farmer in the lowlands of the western Terai in Nepal who knows that this much rain in this many hours can only mean one thing. In Galway, Ireland, a rising rugby star is gathering the courage to say out loud that the pressures of life are getting too much. And in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, there’s a First Nations 16-year-old looking right into camera, ready to tell her story for the very first time. 

At the Z Zurich Foundation, we’re learning that what these three people have in common is a need for connection – because the challenges they’re facing are not isolated. And if we recognize these individuals as an essential part of our community, we can start talking about shared responsibility. 

We are more than a select group in a room deciding what’s best for the world. We’re thinking outside the ticked box by equipping Zurich employees to become activists in their communities. We unite NGOs and governments, businesses and local heroes to work with those most in need. By championing the champions and together looking at the bigger picture – in all its complexity – we have a better chance of addressing our society’s most pressing issues. 

Z Zurich Foundation’s coronavirus (COVID-19) response

In 2020, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided immediate assistance to hundreds of charitable organizations and funded local initiatives proposed by Zurich's business units that focus on providing food and medical emergency relief, supporting mental well-being and adapting to the “new normal” by giving people access to technology. 

Thanks to the commitment of local charities and Zurich Insurance Group’s people, we have been able to act rapidly and help over 1 million vulnerable people worldwide.

Please note, because we believe focus is essential for maximizing impact, we do not accept any unsolicited requests for funding.